The list below includes the flavors we always have available but our pastry chef loves to create new and unique flavor combinations. If you have a favorite flavor that you don't see listed feel free to ask about it.

Cake Flavors

White Velvet 

Vanilla Bean
Chocolate Fudge
Marble Cake
Carrot Cake
Red Velvet Cake


Buttercream Flavors and Fillings

Vanilla Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Raspberry Buttercream
Lemon Buttercream
Coffee/Mocha Buttercream
Salted Caramel Buttercream
Amaretto Buttercream
Hazelnut Buttercream

Fresh Strawberries and Cream

Peanut Buttercream

Pastry Cream

Cookies and Cream

Premium Fillings*

White Choc. Raspberry Mousse
Cognac Buttercream

Lemon Curd

Dulce De Leche


Bailey’s Irish (butter) Cream
Chocolate Ganache
White Chocolate Ganache

Salted Caramel

Coconut Cream

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